Whether you’re taking on tough jobs with a 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty or managing the carpool and daily commutes in a 2016 Ford Edge, it’s important that your vehicle helps make your work easier. And thanks to new Ford adaptive steering technology, these two vehicles are the first Ford models to boast a steering system that actually does some of your work for you. The system takes into account input from the driver and the speed of the vehicle, and then adjusts the steering gear ratio. This means that the vehicle response will be ideal for a variety of conditions, making steering a powerful Ford pickup or Ford SUV easier than ever.

The class-exclusive adaptive steering in the all-new Ford Super Duty and the popular Ford Edge means that drivers on the highway will find their steering slightly different from when they are at low speeds – ensuring optimal maneuverability and safety at any speed. And for the Ford Super Duty drivers, the adaptive steering also adjusts based on what kind of load the truck might be towing or carrying, thanks to the tow/haul mode. Not only does adaptive steering make maneuvering these Ford models easier than ever, it also reduces driver fatigue and improves the overall drive experience.

Adaptive steering is just one of the many ways Ford automakers are working to constantly improve the driving experience in every Ford model. Even if you’re not looking for a heavy-duty pickup truck, or need something smaller than an SUV, you can find this same dedication to a great experience for every driver in models like the 2016 Ford Fusion or 2016 Ford Focus. Drivers in San Diego, CA and beyond can find the perfect model for their family from a company that makes their experience a priority right here at Kearny Pearson Ford.