One of the great things about the Ford brand is that they make a vehicle for every driver. Whether you want a tough truck like we talked about last week, a family SUV that can fit kids and pets, or a practical and comfortable sedan for a daily commute, the Ford brand is there for you. And there’s another category of models that the automaker produces, which is rapidly growing in popularity – performance cars. Drivers looking for an exciting, thrilling ride are turning more and more to our local Ford dealership, and with good reason.

Between the Ford Mustang, the Ford Focus RS, the Ford Focus ST, and the Ford Fiesta ST, there’s a Ford performance car for every driver and budget, and buyers are starting to catch on. This year alone, the automaker is projected to sell over 200,000 performance vehicles around the world, a nearly 100% increase from the sales only three years ago. In particular, affluent younger drivers are flocking to the Ford brand to satisfy their performance car needs, finding an emotional connection to the driving experience. The demand is so high, in fact, that the 2017 Ford Shelby GT350 and the 2017 Ford 350R Mustang have sold out already.

We’re not surprised by these statistics, since we’ve seen the interest in Ford performance cars, and know the company has created an incredible line-up of powerful and affordable models. We invite you to visit us at Kearny Pearson Ford to find out for yourself what’s so special about these models with a test drive in a Ford Focus or a Ford Mustang. Drivers can join other car fans around the world in finding the perfect dynamic and exciting ride right here at our dealership!