Maybe some car companies have only a select few executives coming up with their big ideas, but the Ford company does things a little differently. In 2016, Ford inventions are on track to set an annual record, and this is thanks in large part to the contributions of individual Ford employees. These hard workers and creative thinkers have submitted over 4,500 inventions, many of them from first-time inventors. These ideas have turned into some of the most cutting-edge technology and systems you’ll find in new Ford cars.

These employee inventors are benefiting from a push to “drive innovation in all parts of our business,” as Ford executive vice president Raj Nair said. And the results have been impressive. Whether it’s a remote-controlled system for passengers, especially in ride sharing situations, to access the SYNC-3 infotainment system, or the Carr-E electric pedestrian assistant that can make getting around and carrying heavy objects easier in places where cars can’t get, the Ford brand is doing amazing things with ideas from all over the company. One such innovation has led to a prototype of a car that recycles condensation from the air conditioners, filters it, and delivers drinkable water right inside the vehicle, providing not only a use for all that humidity, but opening the doors to more ways of producing drinking water easily and efficiently.

Here at our local Ford dealership in San Diego, CA, we see the results of this spirit of innovation in every car on our lot, from a used Ford Focus to a brand new Ford F-150. Drivers in the San Diego, CA area can see for themselves what cutting-edge technology and thousands of inventors can create when they buy a Ford vehicle, or visit us at Kearny Pearson Ford for a test drive of one of a whole fleet of innovative Ford models.