Lately, it seems like SUVs have never been more popular. Most of us have lots of friends and family who have decided that this versatile vehicle is perfect for them. In fact, we know from our experience at our San Diego Ford dealership that many of you have SUVs yourselves. Of course, it’s not really surprising, given all the benefits of the Ford SUVs on our lot right now.

There are a few things that almost every SUV has in common. They’re large enough to hold more of your luggage, sports equipment, groceries, kids, dogs, and whatever else you’re planning on loading in. They also have the power to handle tough roads, towing, and more. And lastly, they bring modern comfort and convenience to their utility, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice relaxation for practicality.

But each SUV offers something a little different too, so what’s the perfect Ford SUV for you and your family? If you’re a regular camper, tow a lot, or have a big family, you might find that a full-size 2018 Ford Expedition is the right choice, or the smaller but still tough, powerful, and hugely popular 2017 Ford Explorer.

If you’re a dog person or regularly take charge of the carpool, the adaptable 2017 Ford Flex offers a flat bottom and trunk space for your pet, or the three rows you might need to fit all those kids.

And what if you’re looking for a smaller vehicle, easier to maneuver in city streets? You can still have the space and abilities of an SUV with a 2017 Ford Edge, or invest in all the latest family-friendly features and driver assist conveniences with a 2017 Ford Escape.

This is just the beginning of what Ford SUVs have to offer drivers. No matter what you need, with such a variety, we’re sure to find the right model for your family. So visit today and hear more about what you can accomplish with a 2017 Ford Explorer, or how much easier your life will be in a 2017 Ford Escape. San Diego drivers can find their perfect SUV at Kearny Pearson Ford.