Winter weather coincides with changes in car parts and driving habits, like installing all-weather tires and driving on salted roads. However, what the corresponding changes look like during summer are less obvious. Performing the right Ford service tasks will help prevent costly repairs and enable your car to run optimally.

Test Your Air Conditioner

Ensure that your air conditioner is properly blowing cold air into your cabin at both high and low settings. If the fan slows down at higher settings, then replace your cabin air filter so air can flow unimpeded. If your fan blows consistently, but no cold air comes out, then add extra refrigerant or freon fluid to properly cool air before it enters your car.

Top Off Vital Fluids

Warming temperatures cause the fluids in your car, like transmission and power steering fluid, to get thinner or even evaporate. Without them, those systems will overheat, or their components will degrade while in use. Topping off those fluids proactively counteracts any evaporation that may occur.

Change Your Oil

Your car engine’s oil mitigates excessive friction on its internal components by lubricating them while in motion; without proper oil lubrication, your parts are more prone to wear. We recommend an oil change biannually, so the changing seasons make a perfect time to come in for yours.

Many drivers like to come in for an oil change ahead of summer to get a thicker oil put into their engine. The thicker oil helps prevent the fluid from thinning out in the heat while still lubricating your engine properly.

Prep for Summertime Fun with Ford Service

For advice on switching your car’s components to more weather-appropriate versions, visit Kearny Mesa Ford to speak with our mechanics. Schedule your Ford service today to get ahead of the crowd and enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest!