In today’s world of computer-reliant cars and semi-autonomous vehicles, it’s easy to forget that even the most advanced Ford technology requires help from several invaluable fluids in order to make a car function.

Motor oil

Unlike 21st-century innovations like Ford Sync and Ford Pass, motor oil has been around since the onset of the automobile age. And it’s still just as important today as it was a century ago. Without oil to lubricate your car engine’s many moving parts, the engine will overheat and seize up. Different Ford vehicles perform better with certain types of motor oil, so be sure to ask our local Ford dealers which oil is best for your automobile.

Brake fluid

Cars and brakes have always gone together, from the very first Ford Model-T to the latest and greatest Ford Focus near San Diego, CA. And just as oil is essential to your car’s engine, so too is brake fluid mandatory for your Ford vehicle’s brakes. Brake fluid is essential to the hydraulic pressure that your car’s brake system utilizes in order to slow and stop. When you press the brake pedal, the pressure you create compresses the brake fluid and transfers force to the car’s brake pads and shoes.

Windshield wiper fluid

Several people have laid claim to inventing windshield wipers, but Mary Anderson is the person most associated with creating the first operational wiper system, back in 1903. It would be another three decades before a fully functional wiper fluid system appeared, and our Ford dealers serving San Diego, CA can imagine that was a great day for drivers worldwide. Many of us tend to overlook just how important wiper fluid is until we hit a mud puddle and realize the reservoir is empty.

Top off these fluids today at our local Ford dealership!