Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is almost here, meaning the holiday travel season is about to kick off. Any of us who have distant family and friends know how exciting it is to see them over the holidays – but also how unpleasant the experience of getting to them can be. Airports at the holidays are crowded and busy, planes are cramped and uncomfortable, and anything from winter colds to young children can make the whole experience tougher. So this year, consider an alternative mode of transportation, especially for those who are relatively close. See how much more comfortable your holiday travels can be in a 2018 Ford Expedition.

Whether you’re driving up the coast or into the desert to see your family, you can enjoy a comfortable, efficient road trip in a 2018 Ford Expedition. When you buy a Ford SUV, you get a great combination of practicality and exciting features that are a great combination for a road trip, and that’s especially true with the all-new Ford Expedition. With three rows of seating, one of the big advantages of the model is the space. Whether it’s fitting in your large family without paying exorbitant airline fees, or allowing more room for luggage and pets, the size of the 2018 Ford Expedition practically guarantees a more comfortable trip. The large fuel tank and efficient mileage mean you can go further with fewer stops, and make it to your family and friends in good time. And features like USB ports to charge, available 4G Wi-Fi, and the B&O PLAY audio system mean you’ll be entertained the whole way.

That’s just the start of why your Ford Expedition road trip will be easier and more comfortable than a plane – and that’s not even considering the opportunity to tow a camper, boat, or other equipment! Find out more about this all-new SUV when you visit your home for new and used Ford cars. San Diego drivers can look forward to a better holiday season and more comfortable travels with a 2018 Ford Expedition, coming soon to Kearny Pearson Ford!