Whether you’re a hardcore music fan or a more casual listener, it’s hard to deny the magic of blasting your favorite song while you cruise down the road. Music and driving is a special combination, and Ford automakers not only recognize that, but they’ve also worked hard to create an even better listening experience for drivers of select new Ford SUVs. The Ford B&O PLAY system has been custom designed for each vehicle that it appears in to create a top quality music experience.

When you buy a Ford SUV equipped with B&O PLAY, you’ll be getting the result of a full two years of work to get just the right sound. Expert listeners worked with Ford engineers to fine-tune the audio system and customize it for each vehicle. With as many as 1,200 hours devoted to each model, you’ll get the ideal audio experience every time. While automakers started with types of speakers, measurements of the vehicles, and other facts, they found that real human listeners were the key to creating the perfect sound. And it’s that human touch that produces such a spectacular listening experience for owners and drivers who get the new B&O PLAY audio system in their vehicle.

The B&O PLAY system will be making its debut in the 2018 Ford EcoSport and the 2018 Ford Expedition. But it will soon be migrating across the Ford lineup, allowing drivers to experience spectacular sound in everything from a Ford F-150 to a Ford Fusion. San Diego might not be known as Music City, but you can make it into just that when you drive around town with this cutting-edge audio system. Find out more about the new B&O PLAY, and the 2018 vehicles hosting it, at Kearny Pearson Ford.