Whether you’re buying a SUV for yourself or your family, you’ll want a vehicle that will keep you safe. That means you’ll need a model that includes advanced safety features that lessen harm during accidents, and actively prevent them, too. The 2023 Ford Edge has these in spades, meaning you can drive with total peace of mind.

Standard Safety Features

Although the 2023 Ford Edge SE is the most basic trim in the lineup, it’s full of safety features. Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert, for example, notify drivers of objects in their blind-spots, or if a vehicle approaches their SUV from the left or right while backing out of a parking spot.

The forward collision warning, part of the Co-Pilot360 safety suite, analyzes the speed of oncoming vehicles, and alerts the driver of an imminent accident. Combined with emergency breaking assist, the 2023 Ford Edge takes control, reducing the vehicle’s speed and avoiding the obstacle.

Trim-Specific Safety Options

Each trim of the 2023 Ford Edge fills gaps in the basic trim’s capabilities. The SEL trim, for instance, supplements the rear cross traffic alert with rear parking assist. Sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles in that region, so drivers can halt their movement in time.

The Titanium trim offers the greatest upgrade to the onboard and optional safety features. Standard front park assist complements the rear version, while the Lux package adds perks like adaptive cruise control, which dynamically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance away from other drivers in front. The Elite package completes the model’s parking assistance suite with enhanced active park assist, which automatically steers the vehicle into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

Drive with Confidence in the 2023 Ford Edge

To experience the 2023 Ford Edge for yourself, schedule a test drive at Kearny Mesa Ford. Our San Diego dealers will walk you through all of the features that keep you safe on the road.