Now that the weather has gotten cooler, it’s important to think about car care. While we don’t need to worry about freezing temperatures here in San Diego, the seasonal changes can still have an impact on our vehicles. If you haven’t had any maintenance done in a while for your Ford, these are the key tasks to focus on, starting with the most important one: a Ford oil change.

Oil Change

If you want your engine to stay healthy and continue to perform as it should, regular oil changes are vital. This is especially true now, as cooler temperatures cause oil to thicken. When this happens, it can’t supply adequate lubrication to the moving parts in the engine.

In addition to hindering performance, thick oil also has a negative impact on your gas mileage. If you want to beat rising gas prices, start with an oil change!

Battery Test

Another car part that can be affected by cold weather is your battery. Older batteries in particular can struggle to get a car started when things get chilly. Having yours tested will let you know how much charge it has left, and gives you the chance to replace it if it’s running low.

Fluid Check

There are a variety of systems in your Ford vehicle that will only run properly if fluids are at the right levels. These include the brakes, power steering, and transmission. Having your brake fluid, engine oil, and other fluids checked, topped off, and flushed (if needed) is important.

Ensure Your Car is Ready for Every Season at Kearny Mesa Ford

To keep your vehicle running well no matter the season, you can count on the service center at Kearny Mesa Ford. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment, or if you have any other questions about fall Ford service.