Do you have a road trip planned this summer? If so, we have a suggestion that can make your trip even more fun—bring your pet with you. To ensure your road trip is enjoyable for you and your pet, you need to prepare for your trip.

If your pet isn’t a frequent traveler, you need to get him ready for your upcoming trip by taking him for some short rides around town. As your pet gets used to being on the road, make your local trips a bit longer.

You also need to get a pet carrier. While you may enjoy seeing dogs hanging their heads out the window, pets should actually be restrained whenever they’re in a moving vehicle. The best way to travel with a pet is by putting your pet in an appropriately sized crate and securing the kennel in a rear seat or interior cargo area. Even if you have a vehicle like a 2019 Ford Ranger, pets should never be transported in the bed of a truck where they’re exposed to the elements.

When you visit our San Diego Ford dealership, we’ll tell you that you should plan to bring a human companion with you when you take a road trip with your pet. Pets should never be left alone in an automobile. When a car is parked in the summer heat, the temperature in the cabin can reach life-threatening levels very quickly. By bringing another person along for the ride, you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet in your car when you need to step away for a few minutes.

Traveling with your pet is a great way to deepen the bond you two already share. If you’d like more tips about traveling with your furry family member, contact Kearny Mesa Ford now.