If you’re in the market to buy a Ford vehicle, it’s important to understand all the parts of ownership. One of the realities of car ownership is that your car will have certain parts that will experience wear and tear as time goes by and you accumulate mileage on your odometer. When certain parts get worn or they’re getting ready to fail, they may make noises you’re not used to hearing. This is a good thing because it gives you the chance to replace a worn part before it fails or causes damage.

One common noise drivers hear is squealing. If you notice squealing coming from your wheel wells when you press your brake pedal, it typically means it’s time to replace your brake pads. As a Ford dealer serving El Cajon, CA and surrounding areas, we can tell you that you shouldn’t ignore this sound. If you do, the noise may shift to a grinding sound. Grinding emanating from your wheel wells indicates that your calipers are grinding against your rotors, which can damage your rotors.

Do you hear flapping when your air conditioning is on? If you do, it probably means a ventilation flap is loose, worn, or improperly aligned. While this isn’t a problem you need to address immediately, you may want to bring your car into our San Diego, CA Ford service department sooner rather than later to prevent the noise from driving you batty.

If your car is making an unusual noise, don’t guess about what might be causing it. Bring your car to our Ford service center so our factory-trained technicians can diagnose the underlying problem for you.

To learn more about car noises and what may be behind them, contact Kearny Pearson Ford today.