If you want your car to run optimally and avoid issues, regular service is essential. If you don’t get the maintenance recommended by your local San Diego ford dealer, you could face some bigger problems down the road. Let’s explore what could happen if you skip regular car maintenance.

You May Need a New Car Sooner

…or at least you’ll need some major replacements. The point of routine service is to keep your car as healthy as possible. If you ignore this, things will wear down and wear out a lot faster, which will have a detrimental effect on the entire vehicle.

Let’s look at oil changes, for example. In order to maintain your engine, clean oil is paramount, as it ensures moving parts get the right lubrication. Old oil gets thick and gums up the works. Eventually it will get so thick that it will cause engine failure.

You May Put Your Safety at Risk

In addition to improving performance, regular maintenance is vital for safety. The braking system needs to be inspected yearly, as it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Things like pads and shoes don’t last forever, and when they start wearing down, they need to be replaced.

Your tires also have to examined routinely. The treads have to be deep enough to supply you with adequate traction. When they start becoming shallow, getting new tires is very important.

You May Waste Money

While regular service does cost money, it will end up saving you quite a bit more. If you put off getting replacements or just ignore warning signs, it doesn’t take much for small issues to turn into major problems. As a result, you could end up paying a lot more than you would’ve had you been proactive in the first place.

If your vehicle is due for maintenance, you can make a service center appointment now at Kearny Mesa Ford. We can keep your car in tip-top shape!