If your warranty is about to expire, you should schedule a Kearny Mesa Ford service visit for some maintenance. Planning early lets you take advantage of the warranty coverage before it ends. If we uncover any warranted items in the course of our work, Kearny Mesa Ford will ensure they’re addressed while you still have coverage.

Scheduled Maintenance

If you’re behind on your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance according to your owner’s manual, you’ll want to schedule a service visit before your warranty expires. After all, one of your warranty’s many terms and conditions is diligent maintenance, so protect your coverage.

Vehicle Inspection

A thorough inspection allows us to ensure everything is shipshape, and that your car serves you well in the future. If we identify a problem, we can fix it while it’s covered and ensure your car will meet state and federal emissions standards.

Outstanding Mechanical Issues

Have you been delaying fixing a problem on your Ford vehicle? There’s no sense in waiting until after the warranty expires, especially if the affected part is covered under its terms. It’s better to address the issue now rather than paying for it later.

Oil and Fluid Changes

Your vehicle’s essential fluids, such as oil, coolant, and transmission fluid, are consumables, so they aren’t covered under warranty. However, a bit of prevention and long-term thinking now will set you up for success later.

Schedule a Kearny Mesa Ford Service Visit Today

Don’t delay taking advantage of your warranty for any repairs that may be lurking. Schedule a Kearny Mesa Ford service visit as soon as possible to get optimal coverage for outstanding issues.