Happy New Year! 2018 has arrived, and by now, many of us are back in the grind after the holiday season. But even as we all settle back into our routines, this is still an exciting time of year – the time of new beginnings and resolutions. Whether you had your resolutions planned out back in November or have been putting off making any, we’ve got some suggestions for you to add to your list for this year. Because while your car may seem like it’s in good shape now, a lot of drivers aren’t taking optimal care of their vehicle – which means they could be shortening its life, setting themselves up for breakdowns, and more. So this year, try some of these car care resolutions!

One of the biggest ways we often let ourselves down in terms of car maintenance is by procrastinating on our oil changes. It may not seem like a big deal, but without fresh oil, your car will run less efficiently, and your parts will suffer more wear and tear – shortening their life in the long run. So consider resolving to get your oil changes on time this year. Our San Diego Ford service center technicians are experts on new and used Ford cars, and can help you figure out when to get your oil changed and get you an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule. If you’re on top of your oil changes, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to consider a car care resolution this year.

When was the last time you had an all-around check-up for your car? Maybe this year you should resolve to check out that weird noise you’ve been hearing, or have your brakes tested. Has your old clunker been hanging on forever? Make one of your 2018 resolutions to finally upgrade to that new Ford truck, car, or SUV you’ve had your eye on.

This year, keep yourself safe, help avoid unexpected car troubles, and resolve to take care of your vehicle. You deserve the best for your car, whether you’re driving a used Ford Fusion or a 2018 Ford Escape. San Diego drivers can find the help they need to keep their car care resolutions here at Kearny Pearson Ford.