Whether you drive one of our used Ford cars or you operate a new 2018 Ford Mustang, it’s important for you to pay attention to your vehicle’s battery. Car batteries generally last between two and five years, with batteries used in colder areas tending to last longer than those used in warmer locations.

Even if you don’t want to move to a colder city to extend the life of your automobile’s battery, you can do a few things to prolong your battery’s working life. Driving more often and for longer stretches of time instead of using your car just for short trips is one way to make your battery last, for example. When you only use your car for quick trips, your battery doesn’t have the chance to reach a full charge. If you don’t have time to go for longer drives more frequently, consider getting a portable battery charger.

Many motorists don’t realize that certain systems, such as their navigation and sound systems, will continue to draw power from their battery even when their vehicle is turned off. To prevent your battery from going dead prematurely, turn these things off when you turn your car off.

You should make sure your battery is secure, too. If a battery isn’t fastened into place tightly enough, it can vibrate. When a battery rattles, it can lead to internal damage and cause short circuits. You also need to control the corrosion on your automobile’s battery. You don’t have to do these things on your own, however. Just make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Ford service center near Kearny Mesa, CA and our factory-trained technicians will take of them for you.

Would you like more tips on how you can prolong the life of your battery? If so, stop by Kearny Pearson Ford today.