What’s the best way to ensure that your tires have a long lifespan? If you said regular rotations, you’re right. One day, however, your tires will need to be replaced, as a new set generally lasts up to 50,000 miles. If that day has arrived and you’re looking for tires nearby, these are some options to consider:

4 Main Types of Tires

All-Season Tires

The tires you have on your car right now are probably all-season models. Designed for good traction, they have a symmetrical tread pattern. While they can be fine for the entire year, don’t let the name fool you; there are other types of tires made specifically for different seasons.

Summer Tires

With temperatures high right now in the San Diego area, you may want to consider putting summer tires on your car. In addition to handling hot weather, these tires are also made for dry conditions—perfect for our desert environment.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are built to offer enhanced traction when conditions get slick from things like sleet or snow. While we might not have to worry about these conditions often, they might be work considering for a trip up to the mountains.

Touring Tires

Similar to all-season tires, touring tires come with a higher speed rating. These could be a good idea if you enjoy taking winding roads, as they can provide more responsive handling.

Not Sure Which Tires You Need? Trust the Experts at Kearny Mesa Ford

It’s important to choose wisely when you need new tires. If you’re not sure which type is right for your car or you have questions or concerns, get in touch with the service center at Kearny Mesa Ford. We’ll make sure you get the perfect set.