Whether you’ve hit every milestone or have missed a few check-ups, spring is a great opportunity to prepare for your car maintenance needs in the year ahead. Contact our Ford service department at Kearny Mesa Ford to schedule your car’s spring cleaning today.

Get On Top of Regular Maintenance

Every driver knows staying on top of regularly scheduled maintenance is an essential part of keeping your car running well, but it’s an easy lesson to forget. If you’ve put off that scheduled oil change or it’s been a while since you had a tune-up, spring is a great opportunity to get back in the groove. Putting off maintenance can lead to an expensive breakdown down the road.

Recover from Winter

Even in a warm area like San Diego, CA, winter can have a negative impact on your car’s performance. Colder temperatures can play havoc with tire pressure, fluid levels, and more, with ice, salt, and other debris being kicked up and damaging your undercarriage or knocking your wheels out of alignment. Coming in for a post-winter checkup will catch any harm from the cold months.

Prepare for Summer

In a warm region like this, summer puts a lot of strain on your cars, from evaporating fluids to pushing your battery’s capacity to its limits. Make sure you’re prepared for the coming hot weather by coming in for a tune-up. Have our team test your battery’s capacity to make sure you have the charge for summer.

Get Spring Service at Our Ford Service Department

The coming of spring means renewal, rebirth, and an opportunity to get ahead of those regular annual chores. Bring your car in to Kearny Mesa Ford and have our team perform a tune-up to get you ready for the new year today!