In a blog post we shared just a few months ago, we talked about how drivers should react when they encounter various road hazards. Unfortunately, dangers on the road aren’t just present in one season exclusively. The arrival of each new season brings a fresh set of threats that drivers need to be aware of. Whether you drive one of our new or used Ford cars, being aware of some seasonal hazards is key to staying safe on the roadways this fall.

While the leaves are certainly beautiful during autumn, they can create dangerous driving conditions when they start to fall off trees. Leaves, particularly wet leaves, can be as slippery as ice. If you’re on a road that’s covered with leaves, slow down, increase your following distance, and avoid trying to make quick stops or maneuvers.

Leaves may also make it difficult to see markers on the road, such as lane lines. Be aware of where the edge of the road is and pay extra attention to your position on the road.

If you live near our San Diego, CA Ford dealership, then you know sun glare can be a big problem during the fall. Around the time of the autumnal equinox, the sun aligns with roads that run east and west for up to 45 minutes after the sun rises and before it sets. In addition to using sunglasses during those times, you should do your best to travel along streets that run north and south and roadways that have ample tree cover.

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