Out in the icy land of Illinois this week, Ford Motors broke some hot news at the Chicago Auto Show: four new Ford sports utility vehicles are coming. According to Brent Snavely of the Detroit Free Press, the auto maker will be unveling four new SUVs over the next four years, per a statement from Mark LaNeve, Ford Vice President of Sales Marketing. These new SUVs will join the already historic line up of Ford SUVs, including the 2016 Ford Escape and Ford Explorer. And if you are looking to buy a Ford SUV, these and many more are available now at the Kearny Pearson Ford dealership’s lot out on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Proudly serving San Diego drivers for years, Kearny Peasrson Ford is your go-to spot for all your Ford driving needs, from great deals on new and pre-owned vehicles to factory-trained service technicians and genuine Ford parts. And when Ford rolls out its new SUVs, you can see them all, and take them for a spin, at the Kearny Pearson Ford dealership.

According to Snavely, LaNeve gave few actual details about the four new SUVs, aside from saying that they would be in segments of the SUV market where Ford does not currently compete and that there are no plans in the works to discontinue any of the existing Ford SUVs, such as the Explorer, Escape, and Expedition. LaNeve also did not clarify which market, or markets, the new SUVs would be sold in. LaNeve did share last year’s sales numbers, saying that Ford sold 740,000 Escape, Explorer, Edge and Lincoln SUVs in the U.S. market, which is the most Ford has sold since the early 2000s. LaNeve added, “we can’t keep them on dealer lots.” For now, these machines are on the lot at Kearny Pearson Ford, waiting for you to come and experience them for yourself.