As almost anyone around the country will tell you, driving and parking in a big city can be a challenging experience. Here in San Diego, we know it as well as the rest of the country. But as is so often the case, the Ford company is here to help with your parking woes. As always, Ford automakers have carefully considered what drivers need and want, and have worked hard to develop some of the most innovative technology on the market to give them just that. So now when you’re trying to fit your car into a tight space or parallel park on a busy street, Ford Active Park Assist is there to help.

When you get ready to parallel park in your 2017 Ford Focus, Active Park Assist will do a few things. For starters, it will help you find spots that your car will fit into – no more guessing if there’s enough space, Active Park Assist will use sensors to let you know. Then you just put your car in reverse and let it steer itself while you control the acceleration and braking.

Visual and auditory instructions will help you know when to change gears, move forward, and stop – and help you easily slide into the most difficult spots.

But even if you don’t need or want the full package of Active Park Assist, you can still count on Ford vehicles to help make parking easier. With a rearview camera available on a wide variety of models, drivers can get into and out of parking spaces with an easy view of pedestrians or other vehicles behind them, and avoid the “love tap” during parallel parking.

Parking may never be the most fun part of driving a car, but with a new Ford model, it doesn’t have to be the worst part anymore. So come talk to an expert dealer here at Kearny Pearson Ford, your home for new and used Ford cars. San Diego Ford  drivers will find that parking is just one of the many things that will become easier with a new Ford car, truck, or SUV.