As many people have commented on over the past few years, it often seems like the millennial generation has had different goals and aims than previous generations – for instance, they have been buying houses and having kids in fewer numbers. But as recent studies are beginning to show, it may not be that millennials don’t want these things – they’ve just been putting them off until later. Recent trends show that older millennials have begun moving to the suburbs at higher rates, having kids, and showing an affinity for family-friendly SUVs, especially large models like the Ford Expedition.

While a tough job market and loan debts may have delayed things like houses and children for many millennials, rising birth rate and suburban home purchases show that family life is still important for a lot of millennials, and there’s no better vehicle to support that lifestyle than a Ford SUV. In fact, a survey commissioned by the Ford company shows that a vehicle to accommodate the family lifestyle is higher on many millennials wish lists than more stereotypical goals for the generation.

And while many SUV buyers, including millennials, find that a compact model like the 2017 Ford Escape is perfect for them, there’s one group that decidedly favors mid-size and large SUVs – older millennials, who prefer options like the 2017 Ford Explorer or 2018 Ford Expedition.

The new millennial trend towards homes, families, and SUVs is certainly interesting. However, drivers from any generation and in any lifestyle can find something to appreciate about a Ford SUV – whether it’s the ability to handle tough terrains, the adaptability, or the ease and comfort of driving one. Find out what an SUV has to offer you when you stop by and talk to an expert Ford dealer. San Diego drivers, millennials and non-millennials alike, can find the perfect SUV for their lifestyle at Kearny Pearson Ford.