Operating a logistics business or other trade that involves lots of travel presents many challenges, like planning optimal driving routes and hiring skilled workers. However, the most vital aspect is choosing the right truck to comprise your commercial fleet; it’s truly one of the core building blocks of your business, ensuring that it can grow. Buying the 2023 Ford F-550 Chassis Cab can benefit your business — here’s how.


Trucks not only utilize heavier frames than other vehicle types, but more powerful engines capable of hauling heavy cargo and trailers for long periods of time with little change in performance. This durability results in cheaper repair costs. All those savings add up if you own a commercial fleet, especially as each truck ages.

Enhanced Height

Because the driver’s seat of a pickup truck sits higher than a car, the driver can see more of the road, which decreases the likelihood of accidents and allows them to navigate adverse weather conditions more easily. This truck’s increased height also enables you to traverse rough terrain, which increases the number of viable routes or serve customers in remote locations.


You can even choose truck specifications that suit your business best. Your preferred cab type and bed length can optimize fuel efficiency and expedite cargo loading and unloading. The benefits of both lower fuel costs and faster cargo handling increase as your fleet grows, taking up a smaller percentage of your profits.

Put the 2023 Ford F-550 Chassis Cab to the Test

To try out the 2023 Ford F-550 Chassis Cab, and determine if it will join your commercial fleet, book a test drive at Kearny Mesa Ford. We can’t wait to help you build your business!