When it comes to what car to drive, Generation X professionals have a lot to consider – daily commute, travel, and whatever pets, kids, teenagers, or even grandchildren need to be driven. While many opt for smaller cars, when these affluent Gen-Xers opt for an SUV, they are clearly drawn to one in particular. According to research firm MaritzCX, the Ford Explorer Sport draws a higher percentage of Ge- X buyers than any other non-luxury SUV.

There are a lot of reasons the Ford Explorer Sport could be appealing to this generation. One likely factor is the price – this impressive SUV comes in at significantly less than a luxury SUV, but still integrates innovative technology and a comfortable, elegant, and convenient drive experience. Not only that, but statistics show that the Ford Explorer Sport is attracting drivers who may have previously been interested in more premium SUVs. Ford Explorer Sport drivers are twice as likely as other buyers of mid-size SUVs to trade in a premium model for their new one. According to surveys, Ford Explorer Sport owners love things like its power, the obvious fact that it’s a fun driving experience, and its overall performance. It’s no surprise that a fun driving experience and great performance, in the package of a practical and comfortable SUV, would appeal to career- and family-driven individuals who want a vehicle that can be an asset in all areas of their life.

Clearly, this impressive SUV is doing something special to create a perfect combination of luxury and practicality, and all at a reasonable price. You don’t have to be a member of Gen-X to see that the Ford Explorer Sport is a great choice for drivers and families. To find out more and test out the 2017 Ford Explorer Sport for yourself, visit us today at Kearny Pearson Ford today!