The preparation involved in getting a new vehicle lease from Kearny Pearson Ford as your current lease expires is key to getting a new car, truck, van or SUV. Determining your next step in the vehicle leasing process should not be difficult. It can be incredibly easy if you do your vehicle research, go on test drives, determine your budget and stick to hard number for monthly payments you can afford.

90 Days Prior to Expiration

When you are roughly 90 days from the expiration of your current lease you need to determine the best course of action for your vehicle. There’s three things you can choose to do: purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease, walk away from the lease to buy a different vehicle, or trade the vehicle into our dealership to begin a lease with a new vehicle. This decision should be made around 90 days from your current lease expiration date.

60 Days Prior to Expiration

As you come within 60 days of your lease expiration you need to begin taking vehicles for test drives that you might purchase or lease. Find five vehicles that you can afford and that interest you and visit us at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego to take them all for test drives.

30 Days Prior to Expiration

Did you hit the 30-day mark for your vehicle lease? If so, it’s time to make a final decision as to what new car you want to lease. Take a couple more test drives in the vehicle you’ve chosen to make sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Check your budget one more time and gather a down payment that you would like to add to the trade-in of your current lease.

Do you have questions about your lease? Call our sales department at 888-898-0389 to speak with a member of the team.