If you’ve been paying attention to car news lately, it will come as no surprise that SUVs have been growing in popularity. They are particularly popular with 35-44 year olds, who buy more SUVs than anyone else. And with new generations getting older and learning to appreciate the versatility and practicality of SUVs, the Ford brand is prepared to be at the forefront of the segment as it grows. As anyone who has driven a new or used Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, or other Ford SUV knows, the company has already worked hard to be on the cutting edge of the SUV market.

One of the first steps in the future of Ford SUVs has been the development of the 2018 Ford Explorer. This new model offers a taste of what drivers can expect from the next few years of Ford SUVs. The upgraded Ford Explorer will offer drivers advanced technology, a style update, and three powerful engine options. One of the most exciting features for modern drivers promises to be the available 4G modem and Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi will allow up to ten devices to connect while on the road, and offer service up to fifty feet away from the SUV. But the convenience of Wi-Fi is just the beginning – the 2018 Ford Explorer also offers the “Safe and Smart Package” that brings together some of the most in-demand driver assist and safety features, including adaptive cruise control and a lane-keeping system.

As SUVs continue to grow in popularity, the Ford company will be working hard to continue their tradition of excellence. And if you’re ready to get on the SUV bandwagon, you can find a variety of excellent options at your home for outstanding new and used Ford cars. San Diego area drivers can visit us at Kearny Pearson Ford to experience the excellence of the 2017 Ford Escape right away, or come in the fall to learn more about the 2018 Ford Explorer and other fantastic Ford SUVs.