The goal of every car owner should be to keep their vehicle in shape and at the same time cut their maintenance costs. With the right tactics, you can do both. Our Ford parts department offers some helpful tips to reduce the wear and tear on your brake.

Don’t Drive so Fast

The faster you go, the more exertion your braking system has to undertake to slow and stop your car. This is one reason why it’s always advisable to stick to the speed limit.

Another thing you can do is try coasting, in which you just take your foot of the gas and let the car slow down by itself as much as you can before slowly applying the brakes.

Stop Tailgating

Most people hate when a car is so close behind them that they can make eye contact with its driver. Yet, they in turn often follow cars too closely.

When you fail to maintain a safe following distance, you have to press the brake pedal both harder and more often. Tailgating is also unsafe, especially at night or when driving conditions are compromised.

Remove Unnecessary Cargo

How much stuff do you have in your car right now that doesn’t need to be there? Any excess weight makes your car heavier. As a result, it requires your braking system to work harder, which makes it wear down faster.

Get Regular Service

To make sure your brakes are in good condition, they should be looked at yearly. This lets technicians examine the shoes, pads, and other parts to gauge their health.

That way, you take care of any small issues before they can turn into something bigger. Has it been a while since your brakes were checked out? If so, make an appointment with the service center at Kearny Mesa Ford.