Ford cars and trucks can take you just about anywhere (except underwater), and they are poised to take you even further with the new FordPass mobile program. Still in the works at Ford, this all-in-one mobile system would help out drivers with all sorts of tasks in the car, like aiding drivers in finding and paying for parking in crowded cities, for instance. This is potentially a game changer, and the Kearny Pearson Ford dealer in San Diego is going to keep you posted on developments as they are made public. According to Rion Boden at, the FordPass mobile program will be able to help with everything from navigation to parking and even ride sharing or car sharing services, positioning it to be an integral part of the Ford experience for drivers.

Boden reports that the FordPay feature within FordPass will work with parking apps ParkWhiz and Parkopedia, already popular with drivers looking to take the hassle out of city parking. FordPay would also work with FlightCar, an app that helps drivers locate temporary cars to drive while travelling in a new city, so if you get used to driving your Ford Fusion at home you can still find one wherever you go.

The new feature would also offer reward perks at places like 7-11, McDonald’s and more, as well as loyalty programs for FordPass users. The FordPass program is free for Ford owners and non-owners, and will be launching in the U.S. this spring.

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