No matter how wonderful or amazing a car or truck might be, a nasty pothole will always make your drive a little more miserable. But that might not always be the case, if the engineers designing the new Ford Fusion have anything to say about it. For a while now, drivers of new Ford vehicles like the Ford Expedition SUV and Lincoln luxury cars have had access to incredible pothole-detection technology, allowing these drivers to avoid or mitigate the impact of these annoying asphalt abominations, and according to Chris Woodyard of USA Today, the 2017 Ford Fusion V-6 Sport will offer Fusion lovers the same protection.

Woodyard explains the system, saying “The car’s computer detects when the car is running over a pothole, then instantly adjusts the shock absorbers to keep the tire from dropping into the depression.” He adds that the system is so effective that Ford has been able to use it to drive over potholes filled with ping-pong balls without crushing the fragile spheres. Ford spokesperson Aaron Miller says that the pothole protection system will be made standard on the 2017 Ford Fusion V-6 Sport.

Ford says that potholes cause up to $3 billion in damages to cars in the United States every year, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and up to $300 per car on average. With the addition of this feature, Ford will add further value to the Fusion and help American drivers protect their valuable investments in years to come. To learn more about this amazing feature, and all the other industry-leading innovations in Ford vehicles, visit the Kearny Pearson Ford dealership in San Diego, your one stop shop for all your Ford needs.