There are several types of Ford commercial vehicles, including vans specifically designed for commercial use. The Ford E-Series line can be retrofitted to fit your needs, with both cutaway vans and stripped chassis vehicles available. Compare the stripped chassis vs. the cutaway variant for Ford commercial vans at Kearny Mesa Ford today.

Cutaway Vans

The cutaway trim contains the standard Ford van cabin and a stripped-down body, which can be upfitted for any van or bus style you want. You’ll be familiar with the cab if you’ve driven in a Ford E-Series van or Ford truck before. The back of the vehicle can be modified with nearly endless upfit options, available technology, and mechanical systems based on your commercial needs.

Stripped Chassis Vans

If you want total control over your van’s appearance, the stripped chassis variety is for you. This van only contains the internal engine and mechanical systems; it leaves the body and cabin open for upfitting and customization options. This is ideal for passenger buses and other vehicles that provide passenger transportation.

How Do They Compare?

These two models use the same standard engine: the 7.3-liter V8 Premium gas engine, which generates 325 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. While both model options provide an excellent template for your commercial van, their specifications are different depending on which cabin you choose. The stripped chassis van generally has a higher maximum GVWR and payload rating, while the cutaway van features more interior comforts via the standard cabin.

Explore Ford Commercial Vehicles in San Diego, CA

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