If you are looking to buy a Ford, you are in good company. Ford cars just like the ones on the lot at Kearny Pearson Ford are driven by people like Clark Griswold, James Bond, and Mad Max, just to name a few. Yes, take a quick look around TV or the movies, and you are bound to find Ford cars popping up in some of the coolest places, because Ford makes some of the coolest cars out there. And if you stop in to your local Ford dealership, you can take a look at tomorrow’s Hollywood icons today.

Will the next James Bond movie feature a chase in a new 2015 Ford Mustang? Maybe so. In Diamonds Are Forever, 007 drove his Mustang in an action-packed chase through Las Vegas, the same mean streets that Detective Dan Tanna patrolled in his Mustang on Vega$. And who could forget Steve McQueen, the king of cool, patrolling San Francisco in his own Mustang in Bullitt? San Francisco was also the home to Starsky and Hutch, and their unforgettable Gran Torino.

Ford cars are also tough enough to survive the apocalypse, as we saw in Mad Max, when one tough cop in a Ford Falcon Interceptor brought justice to the Australian outback. Speaking of justice, did you know that the gang in Scooby Doo solved all those crimes while cruising around in a Ford Econoline van?

Granted, you probably won’t find the Mystery Machine on the lot at your local Ford dealership, but you will find a veritable fleet of incredible cars from the Ford family. Take a trip out to Kearny Pearson Ford to find great deals here in San Diego, as well as the Alpine, Santee, and Coronado areas. You might not bump into any action heroes, but the friendly staff at Kearny Pearson Ford will make sure you feel like a star.