For the past 31 years, J.D. Power has taken on the challenge of evaluating the initial quality of vehicles sold in the United States. This complex task involves surveying almost 80,000 buyers and leasers of 2017 models-year cars, trucks, and SUVs. Owners answer 233 questions to pinpoint problems in eight different categories during the first 90 days of ownership, then J.D. Power turns that data into initial quality scores, and ranks manufacturers based on the responses. And this year, the Ford company reached its highest place yet, coming in at No. 2 of all non-premium car brands.

The past years have seen a steady improvement for Ford vehicles in the Initial Quality Study, thanks to automakers’ efforts to learn from the feedback they receive and constantly provide better vehicles to drivers around the country.

Not only did the brand improve in the rankings overall and rise almost to the top, but several specific models were particularly beloved by their owners.

The 2017 Ford Expedition and the 2017 Ford Mustang each came out first in their respective segments, and several other models made it into the top three for their category. With innovations like the Ford Sync3 technology, cutting edge driver assist features like adaptive cruise control, improved efficiency thanks to things like EcoBoost engines and lightweight materials, and other improvements, it’s easy to see why drivers are loving their new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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