The Ford company has teamed up with Reebok to create an epic road trip featuring some influential fitness figures and the aptly named “FitTruck.” The tour kicked off last month, and will cover more than 2,000 miles over the course of the fall. 

Fitness experts and leaders like Emily Skye, Ashley Horner, Cory Gregory, Jamie Eason, and “Silent Mike” Farr are joining the Ford FitTruck to take fitness outside the walls of a gym and demonstrate that exercise and good health can go anywhere. The fitness experts will use an eye-catching 2017 Ford Transit to show how fitness can be brought to the home, the park, even city streets. The FitTruck may not be a traditional Ford pickup truck, but like any Ford truck, it’s doing hard work and getting the job done.

Ford automakers worked to bring the whole fitness tour together by creating a unique version of their versatile and customizable Ford Transit van. The 2017 Ford Transit features up to 64 configurations, making it easy for drivers to choose what features they need for their jobs. The FitTruck uses the Ford Transit 250 as its base, and vehicle modifiers worked to give it the special features it needed to be a fitness machine. Removable seats allow the instructors to travel comfortably, but also clear up space when it’s needed. There is a custom floor and lighting, and plenty of storage space for fitness equipment like barbells, kettle balls, yoga mats, and more. With a vehicle like this, it’s easy for the instructors to show ways to take fitness anywhere!

Even if you can’t attend yourself, you can follow this amazing tour using the #FitTruck hashtag, and see some of the many ways a 2017 Ford Transit can get the job done – even if your job is transporting fitness experts and equipment on a tough, 2,000-mile road trip. To find out more about how the Ford Transit, or another model, can help with your work, visit us today to talk to an expert San Diego, CA Ford dealer at Kearny Pearson Ford!