Our Ford dealership is celebrating Brake Safety Awareness Month by recommending essential Ford service for your brakes. As your brakes age, they require routine maintenance and might also need critical repairs. To prevent brake malfunctions before they occur, bring your vehicle into Kearny Mesa Ford and check off these brake service tasks.

Signs of Faulty Brakes

It pays to know the signs that your brakes are malfunctioning. Bring your vehicle in for service if you’ve noticed any of these warning signs:

  • Brake warning light. This light will turn on if your Ford vehicle detects a problem with your braking system. This can indicate any number of issues, so bring your vehicle in for service immediately.
  • Degraded brake performance. You might notice that your brakes aren’t performing as well with prolonged use. In this case, worn brake parts may need to be replaced.
  • Strange noises or smells. If you hear a strange sound or notice a peculiar smell when you brake, you should have your brakes examined immediately.

Routine Brake Service

There are several ways to improve the lifespan of your brakes. The most crucial way is to keep on track with your scheduled brake service. This includes flushing your brake fluids, checking your brake pads, and examining your brake lines.

Your owner’s manual will list the recommended schedule for brake service, including what services you need to be done and the mileage intervals by which they should be performed. Consult your manual to see what brake services you’re due for, and bring your vehicle to our service center to complete routine maintenance.

San Diego Ford Service at Kearny Mesa Ford

As we celebrate Brake Safety Awareness Month, we’re ready to help you maintain your brakes. Schedule a Ford service visit at Kearny Mesa Ford today for brake work and any other essential maintenance your vehicle may need.