When you want to make the vehicle you’ve been leasing yours to own, it’s time to look for guidance on your Ford lease buyout negotiation. Our team here at Kearny Mesa Ford will be happy to help you make the most out of your lease buyout so you can enjoy your Ford car at a great price.

What is a Lease Buyout?

Leasing a new Ford car is a fantastic way to get the latest Ford driving and performance features without having to commit to paying the full price of the car. You can simply sign a lease agreement, make a small down payment, and make low monthly payments to drive a new car off of our lot.

This is a great option for drivers who aren’t quite ready to buy a new car. But if you find that after driving your car on a lease for one to three years, you are ready to buy, then you can look into a lease buyout.

Here at our San Diego Ford dealership, you can take home your Ford car after your lease is over by purchasing it in a lease buyout.

How a Ford Lease Buyout Works

While you can turn in a Ford lease at any Ford dealership, you will need to make sure you contact the Ford dealership where you signed your Ford lease. So if you started your lease with our Ford dealership in San Diego, be sure to contact us so our Ford finance team can work out a purchase price for your car.

Before the purchase price is worked out, you will need to sign your lease-end papers and make sure any applicable fees have been paid out. At this point, we’ll be sure to offer a fair price for your Ford lease buyout so you can become a proud owner of a Ford car!