Should you buy or lease a Ford? Buying has its benefits, but a Ford lease may be the better option for these five reasons:  

You Can Save Money

Leasing is often seen as a more affordable option compared to buying. This is because with a lease, you aren’t paying for the full value of a vehicle, only its decrease in value over the course of the lease period. 

You Won’t Be Tied Down

One of the best things about leasing is that you aren’t tied to one car for very long. It’s basically an extended test drive, and once the lease is over, you can exchange your vehicle for a newer model. 

You Get to Try Different Vehicles

Once the lease agreement is over and you turn your car in, it’s an excellent opportunity to drive something else.  

Maybe you want to try an SUV instead of a sedan. Or perhaps you just want a new model of the car you were leasing.  

You Have the Option to Buy

At the end of your lease, you may discover that you really like your car and don’t want to return it. If this is the case, we’ll be happy to help you purchase it outright. 

You Have No Additional Responsibilities

Leasing gives you a lot of flexibility. When the lease is over, if you don’t want to buy the car or try something else, there are no obligations, and you can just walk away.  

If you’ve decided that leasing is the best choice, visit Kearny Mesa Ford. We’ll show you any of the models we have in stock and let you know about our current lease deals.