When the writers at AutoGuide.com sat down to decide on 2017’s Car of the Year, they didn’t actually sit. Instead, they spent five days in Southern California doing intensive testing of the year’s best models. In the end, the 2017 Ford Focus RS impressed the judges by living up to its hype and offering an amazing drive experience. Add in a great value, and the AutoGuide experts were sold, naming the 2017 Ford Focus RS their Car of the Year for 2017.

With Ford performance cars showing rising sales in 2016, despite a nationwide trend down for performance cars in general, it’s no wonder the 2017 Ford Focus RS caught the experts’ eyes. Offering 350 horsepower and a manual transmission, the new hot hatchback offers an exciting drive experience at an affordable price. It also has practical appeal, ensuring a safe and easy commute with all-wheel drive and space for everyday errands, making it an ideal car for those who want excitement but need something useful for everyday life. As the group editorial director for AutoGuide, Jonathan Yarkony, said, the 2017 Ford Focus RS “delivered beyond our wildest expectations.”

Here at our San Diego, CA Ford dealership, we think that no matter what your expectations are, the 2017 Ford Focus is a perfect combination of exciting and practical. You can find out more about 2017’s Car of the Year when you visit us to talk to one of our expert staff members and take a spin in the 2017 Ford Focus. Drivers shouldn’t have to sacrifice the fun ride they want for the everyday usefulness they need, and thanks to cars like the 2017 Ford Focus, they don’t have to.