Just like we’re happy to help you buy a Ford vehicle, we’re always eager to share news about the Ford brand. Recently, the automaker we represent conducted a study to identify some common things that cause drivers to experience stress when they’re behind the wheel during the holiday season.

What were two leading causes of stress according to the automaker’s study? Road rage and nagging backseat drivers.

The manufacturer’s study revealed that close to 20 percent of Millennials said they terminated a relationship with at least one annoying backseat driver. About 39 percent of that generation claimed they’d give up caffeine permanently if doing so would mean they’d never have to deal with road rage again.

More than half of the backseat drivers who participated in the study said they felt the need to say something to a driver because they either didn’t trust the motorist operating the car they were in or they lacked faith in the other drivers on the road. The study indicates that in-car technology can help drivers stress less and help facilitate confidence in passengers.

“Drivers already have to play defense against enough stressful driving scenarios during holiday road travel, between the traffic, bad road conditions, pedestrians, and higher propensity of road rage,” says Angela Cascaden, Edge consumer marketing manager at Ford Motor Company. “Ford Co-Pilot360™, and other technology features in the new 2019 Ford Edge, are making cars smarter — helping drivers navigate stressful situations so they can enjoy the experience behind the wheel.”

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