Kearny Pearson Ford is your local San Diego Ford dealer for finding great deals on exciting new Ford cars. When you experience our excellent Ford cars in person, you will get to see all of the amazing technology that is being integrated into our fantastic vehicles. Among the new technology found in Ford cars is advanced driver assist systems that help keep drivers safe on the road. These futuristic technology features are developing quickly, and are moving the automotive industry closer to making self-driving cars common.

While you don’t see self-driving cars on the road quite yet, you can find incredible features on many Ford vehicles that provide some autonomous functions to enhance the safety of driving on the road.

The Ford Co-Pilot360™ safety suite is available on many new Ford vehicles being sold today, including the 2019 Ford Fusion, 2019 Ford Escape, and 2019 Ford Explorer. These functions that make up this safety suite currently only make up for momentary lapses in attention or judgment for the time being, but as this technology advances, Ford cars will begin to become more autonomous in the future.

  • The Ford Co-Pilot360™ comes with a number of helpful features that can help avoid accidents or make accidents that do happen less severe.
  • The Pre-Collision Assist System with Automatic Braking detects potential accidents and automatically applies the brakes in dangerous situations.
  • The Blind Spot Information System constantly monitors your blind spot and gives you an alert if you activate your signal when it would be dangerous to attempt a lane-change.
  • To help keep you in your lane and prevent swerving, the lane-keeping system can provide alerts and corrective adjustments by detecting markings on the road.

All of this technology and more can be found on new Ford vehicles currently for sale now. To learn more about the exciting technology found in Ford cars, visit or contact our Ford dealer in San Diego today.