For decades now, the Ford Mustang has been a bright spot on the American road, leading the pack with grace, style and power. And now, in the upcoming issue of Consumer Reports, the Mustang finally gets credit for being one of the top 10 most satisfying cars you can drive. Of course, anyone who has had the good fortune to drive one of these incredible machines already knows the Mustang is an incredible driving experience. And now you can share the experience when you swing by the Kearny Pearson Ford dealership in San Diego and take one out for a test drive. Choose from the impressive array of new and used Ford Mustang cars and talk to the sales team about how easy it is to buy a Ford Mustang.

If you have not previously considered at Ford Mustang for yourself, you should know that the recent Consumer Reports survey includes anonymous responses from over 230,000 car owners and covers the last three model years. Drivers were asked to rate their cars in terms of overall satisfaction, not just on the standard topics like dependability or fuel economy. The Ford Mustang is an incredible car, and drivers are taking notice. Whether it is the purr of the engine, the satisfying resistance as you press down the accelerator, or the iconic lines and muscular frame the Mustang sports, drivers across the country have fallen in love with this special automobile.

Can you picture yourself behind the wheel yet? A car is a huge part of your life, and you should pick one that will make you happy. Give the all-new Ford Mustang a chance to put a smile on your face.