When you’re shopping for a new car, the last thing you want is to become confused or stressed out about the process. When you choose to shop at Kearny Pearson Ford, you get to put all the stress behind you and focus on being excited about your new Ford car. Our helpful staff at our Ford finance center in San Diego will help you navigate your most important financial decisions during your car-shopping process, including deciding if you should lease or buy.

Advantages of Leasing

The main reason that leasing is beneficial for drivers is the fact that you get to drive a brand new car off the lot without being responsible for the full cost of the car. Instead, you pay the depreciation that the car will experience over the lease term, which usually lasts for about 36 months. This means that your down payment and your monthly payments will be significantly lower than if you decided to buy. When you lease, you get to enjoy all of the most up to date safety and technology features, latest performance updates, and updated styling at an approachable price.

Advantages of Buying

The only way to actually be the rightful owner of a new car is to make a car purchase. Once you pay off your monthly installments towards your car purchase, you own the car and don’t owe any money to a financial institution. Plus, you get to build equity in your vehicle with the potential to sell it later on and to get a return. Buying a car also means you get to drive it as many miles as you want to while also being free of any restrictions on adding aftermarket features.

To learn more about financing a new Ford car and to hear about your best options, visit or contact our Ford dealer in San Diego today!