We love watching happy drivers make their way off of our lot in a new Ford car they are excited about, but that’s not all we offer our customers. At Kearny Pearson Ford, we are your local San Diego Ford dealer that provides personalized service throughout the process of buying a new Ford car. Our experts over at our Ford finance center can help you figure out the important elements of owning a car, including figuring out options for car insurance.

Importance of Car Insurance

We don’t blame you for not wanting to think about the ugly side of driving a car, but it’s important to protect yourself financially in case the worst happens while on the road. In the old days of driving, accidents meant having to hire lawyers and waste time and money in court, resulting in even more losses for many drivers. Today, car insurance companies take on investigations while assessing damages, getting rid of this messy process. Now, it’s a legal requirement to at least have liability insurance as a driver to make sure other drivers get compensated if you cause an accident. Other coverage plans can give you even more of a financial safety net.

Collision: when you have collision coverage, your insurance will help cover the costs of repairs due to damages that occurred during a car accident.

Medical: this coverage plan will make sure you aren’t stuck with the full medical bills resulting from a car accident.

Comprehensive: for incidents that damage your car outside of a collision, such as storms, theft, or fallen trees, this plan will help cover the costs of repairs.

Uninsured Motorist: if you get into an accident caused by someone driving without insurance, this plan will make sure you still get some compensation.

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