It’s no surprise that San Diego, CA drivers have come to rely on the overall functionality and dependability of models like the 2017 Ford Fusion. Built with modern car buyers in mind, the sedan delivers an exceptional driving experience while helping owners save at the pump. At Kearny Pearson Ford, we love talking about this tremendous ride with our customers, and we particularly enjoy showing off these three cool features. If you’re in the market for a new Ford vehicle, be sure to stop by to see them for yourself. 

Rotary Gear Shift

For decades, car owners have been forced to adjust drive settings by fussing with clunky levers and knobs. The new 2017 Ford Fusion changes that with an innovative new design and its rotary gear shift. Positioned intuitively in the center console, the low-profile dial helps provide extra space in the front cabin for cup holders, technology, and other convenience features while making adjusting gears easy.

Auto Start-Stop

Why keep your car running when it doesn’t need to be? The auto start-stop feature found in the 2017 Ford Fusion uses innovative engine technology to boost efficiency and help owners save at the pump. When the vehicle comes to a stop sign or pauses in a city driving situation, the engine automatically clicks off while radio and air conditioning features remain active. It’s the best of both worlds.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Ideal for long road trips and the daily commute, the 2017 Ford Fusion includes a new adaptive cruise control feature to help make driving painless and relaxing. Using special sensors, the sedan automatically adjusts cruise control speed to ensure owners always stay at a safe distance behind nearby vehicles on the highway.

To learn more about the 2017 Ford Fusion, stop by our Ford dealership in San Diego, CA today. Our team is standing by to share everything there is to love about this fun ride. We can’t wait to see you!